Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Get Wind Power Jobs in the Wind Power Industry

The renewable energy sector is a massive growth industry. With government commitments to ensure that up to a quarter of the country's energy comes from renewable sources by 2020, 'green' energy such as wind power is expanding at a phenomenal rate. The result is that the wind power industry is rapidly becoming one of the largest employers in the power sector, with jobs in construction, maintenance, development and engineering all readily available. So if you are looking for power jobs in the wind power sector, how do you go about taking those first steps on your chosen career path?

Get trained

If you don't have experience in technology or engineering qualifications, breaking into the industry can be difficult. Jobs in wind power can be more specialist than in other utility industries such as oil or gas, so those without relevant qualifications may find it almost impossible to be considered for wind power job openings. There are courses specialising in renewable energy technology and are a worthwhile investment of both time and money if you are determined to make a career in the sector. An environmental engineering degree is ideal, but there are shorter courses available both at colleges and online that will give you the required qualifications to get on the first rung of the ladder.

Apprenticeships within the wind power industry are rare and usually massively oversubscribed, but it is worth contacting wind power companies to find out if they have any openings for apprentices. Those with previous experience in the electrical power industry may find that their qualifications and experience are transferable, but further training in the specifics of wind power are highly recommended.

Enhance your CV

Any experience, even as a volunteer at a wind park, is going to look good so make sure your CV is up to date and relevant. Volunteering at a wind park is a good way to meet those who already work in the industry, and it always pay to have friends in the industry.

Once you've added to your qualifications and updated your CV, the best bet is to sign up to a specialist employment agency that deals directly with the sector. They will have access to power jobs that may not be advertised widely and will also be able to pair up your qualifications and experience with the right position. They will also be able to give you advice on furthering your qualifications, what potential areas are opening up and how you could adapt your skills-set to take advantage of new opportunities.

Determination is the key to finding a wind power job. New employers are entering the field, meaning that there is a constant demand for technical staff, electricians, environmental specialists and research and development personnel. All of this means that the wind power industry is one of the biggest growth areas in the power sector. Fossil fuels are a finite resource, which means that as time goes on renewable energy will become much more important as an industry. Get in at the start and you could have a job for life.

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  1. How to make wind power.

    The Germans are always in front..
    Why can’t we take the lead here and show them we have some great ideas to.

    Their village Wildpoldsried is leading at the moment but just wait we will catch up soon.
    Wind And Solarpower projects will succeed, all over the world noy just in Germany.
    Renewable energy
    is for every one and with the right enthusiasm and conviction of the people.
    Why can’t the rest of the world get on this band wagon and start making these systems more efficient and available to all.
    YOU can start by building a small wind power generator in your back garden and start saving on your energy bills right away..